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  In the slideshow above, and in the gallery below, is an archive of posters designed by Jason Austin Design between 1988-2004. These posters were executed using analog technology - computers were not available, and when they were, I found that I was not very fond of the results delivered. I have only recently (the last 3 years) figured out how to use the computer to get the analog results I appreciate so much. And I'm definately happy that the new technology allows possibilities with printing that were economically out of my grasp for so long. But then again, would I have gotten the results I got if I'd had everything at my disposal? Probably not. I think the tension made for some fantastic and surprising results. Hope you enjoy them.

- JasonAustin 2006

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5 Feet to the Window 7-Year Bitch 80s Hits Afro-Cuban Soul Explosion
Azalia Snail 1 Azalia Snail 2 Azalia Snail 3 Bedhead + Sixteen Deluxe
Big Boys Birdsaw 1 Birdsaw 2 Birdsaw 3
Blonde Redhead Bad Mutha Goose Bob Log III Burning Spear
Butthole Surfers Buzzcocks Cannibal Cat Power
Chrome Cranks Cibo Matto Cloud Overdose Crash Worship 1
Crash Worship 2 Crust 1 Crust 2 crust 3
Crust 4 Death Ray Davies Club Deville Fashion Vaganza Dinosaur Jr.
Doo-Rag Ed Hall 1 Ed Hall 2 Ed Hall 3
Ed Hall 4 El Flaco 1 El Flaco 2 Europa
Femi Kuti Sixteeen Deluxe Guided by Voices George Jones
Glass Eye 1 Glass Eye 2 Gwar Hand of Glory 1
Hand of Glory 2 Helios Creed Sons of Hercules Thee Hypnotics
The Jesus Lizard 1 The Jesus Lizard 2 The Jesus Lizard 3 The Jesus Lizard 4
These are roughly half of the poster images for display.
The Joy Beautiful Jonathan Richman
These and the rest can be seen in the slideshow above.

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