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POPNOIR is a merchandising and production company in Austin, TX -
Specializing in design and production for bands, bars, restaurants
and a host of varied clients since 1988, we can aid the development
of your public identity with business cards, brochures, posters,
T-shirts, signage - basically anything conceivable to promote
your business.

We've presented a variety of events over the years: from interactive
fashion shows and art installations, to stage sets at music
festivals, and dance parties for musical tastes ranging from
hip-hop to swing; punk rock to rhythm-'n'-blues.

We have our own apparel line that will make you wet yourself laughing.

Most of the work presented here was accomplished without the aid of
(nor the need for) computer technology - but, here in the 21st
Century, we’re glad to be able to bring you a slice of our neo-retro
futuristic vision of the science-fiction world we all live in.

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